Thomas Foxley

I’ve been working in bat conservation since 2011, as a field assistant for the University of Bristol, as a consultant ecologist in the UK and on a large conservation project in Belize. I started my PhD in the UWE Bat Lab in January 2020, part-funded by Natural England.

The aim of my PhD is to build a detailed picture of how greater horseshoe bats use the landscape in Somerset. I’m using spatial modelling, ground-truthed with acoustic and telemetry studies, to map areas of important habitat and understand how they connect.

I will provide my results to local authorities in Somerset, enabling local decision makers to develop a regional conservation strategy that minimises the impact of development on greater horseshoe bats.

Partnership with Natural England means the workflow I develop in Somerset could be used as a model for the rest of the country, so there is scope for my work to have a big impact on bat conservation in England.