Sophie Vickress

My main interests lie within landscape ecology, predominantly focusing on the effects of anthropogenic modifications on biodiversity. By taking a landscape scale approach to conservation ecology there is a wider scope to conserve multiple species and ecosystems on a whole rather than a species by species method. With how quickly the human-centric landscape is evolving, I feel that it is important to have mitigation strategies for conserving each level of species needs and community interactions.

My current research project delves into the world of bats; I am focusing on the Daubenton’s bat (Myotis daubentonii) and how anthropocentric modifications are affecting their use of waterways for commuting and foraging. My study has started by collecting open sourced data from bodies such as the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and the River Habitat Survey for GIS analysis of rivers across the UK and data on Daubenton’s abundance from the Bat Conservation Trust National Bat Monitoring Programme (BCT, NBMP). I am compiling the layers of data for each waterway surveyed by BCT to create a set of predictors to analyse against the abundance data collected.

My hopes for the study are that it can conclude some predictor values on river quality for the abundance of Daubenton’s in the UK which could be applied in mitigation conservation and progress the BCT NBMP waterway surveys.